A story begun 20 years ago.

Petr Volejnik, owner of ATEC v.o.s, is above all an aviation enthusiast. From his passion was born ATEC v.o.s in 1994 located in Libice nad Cidlinou in the Czech Republic.

Two years after the creation of the company, the “Zephyr” was born. It will take barely a year for this ULM to receive a first distinction at the Salon Aéro de Jihlava in the Czech Republic.

For more than 10 years the “Zephyr” is marketed throughout Europe and it is still known today and recognized by all for its quality of manufacture but especially its qualities of flight.

In 2003 it was the launch of the “Faeta”. It has the same look as its younger brother the “Zephyr” but the technologies used are radically different to further push the ULM’s performance, obtain approvals to allow towing glider and get the LSA certification.

Because Petr is above all a perfectionist, he undertakes in 2015 to evolve the “Faeta”. After two years of development, the “Faeta NG” successfully completed its first test flight in October 2016.

But Petr’s imagination does not end there for proof is the development of the “Solo” dedicated to pilots in search of a sporting steering or even the “Omsider” an amphibian ULM.

All ULMs are assembled in the ATEC v.o.s plant where a team of 20 people, most of whom are present from the beginning, are busy producing 3 ULMs per month.

Today, more than 500 ULMs have come out of this factory and as many satisfied owners.