ATEC 321 Faeta NG


The “Faeta NG” is the evolution of the ULM “Faeta”. Its development took two years and was aimed at improving the flight performance of the Faeta by offering even more comfort to the pilot and the passenger.

A new aerodynamics inspired by the latest trends offering better performance while maintaining the flight qualities of the “Faeta”. Its speed range is a good example: 52-280 km / h.

A redesigned habitability to offer maximum comfort to the pilot and his passenger. The luggage space has been redesigned to facilitate accessibility. The cockpit is more spacious and offers adjustable seats and pedals.

All these improvements were conceived and realized by permanently integrating the constraint of the weight. This allows us today to propose a machine in running order in the weight criteria imposed by the regulations.

With the “Faeta NG”, you benefit from more than 20 years of experience where continuous improvement is at the heart of inspiration.


Technical characteristics

The “Faeta NG 321” is a ULM low wings whose fuselage, ailerons and flaps are made of carbon. The main train is composed of two independent fiberglass train legs.

The “Faeta NG 321” comes standard with the Rotax 912 100cv engine. The 912is 100cv engine is also available.

Still as standard, the “Faeta NG 321” is equipped with a Fiti propeller which has been the subject of a specific development between the two manufacturers Atec and Fiti.

Dimensions Masses and Quantities Performance *
Length 6.25 m Unladen mass 278 kg Distance to be crossed 2000 km
Height 2.09 m Payload 172 kg Load Factor
Cab width Weight max. 450 / 472.5 kg Min. Speed ​​(with flaps) 52 km / h
Wingspan 9.6 m Capacity of the tanks 100 l Min. Speed ​​(without flaps) 64 km / h
Wing surface 10.1 m2 Cruising speed 245 km / h
Width of train 1.97 m Max. Horizontal speed 280 km / h
Speed ​​not to be exceeded 295 km / h
Rate of climb 7 m / s
Consumption (180 km / h and 245 km / h) 9 l / 16 l
Finesse full shutters

(*) Performances with ROTAX 912 IS and ULM engine in 450 KG version


The “Faeta NG” is available starting from 78900 € HT * including:

  • Engine ROTAX 912 ULS 100cv.
  • Propeller FITI 2-blade 1600 mm adjustable to the ground.
  • Canopy with two sliding windows.
  • Two reservoirs (2 * 50L) located in the wings.
  • 4 ‘front wheel + 6’ wheels for main train. The main wheels are equipped with hydraulic brakes (4 pistons) with handle control.
  • 4-point safety belts of 55mm width with standard closure.
  • ULM delivered with standard instrumentation for navigation in France.

Many options are available, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

(*) Indicative price, thank you to contact us to establish a cotation